CG/Game Projects



Greed – The Black Border – 2010

A hack'n'slash in space. Greed was produced by reusing the Avencast production pipeline with additional polishing of the engine and graphics. A cooperative multiplayer mode was added. Find it on steam.

Avencast – The Rise of the Mage – 2007

A fantasy action role-playing adventure PC game released internationally in 2007. Avencast started as a small free time project. After we placed first in the Animago award 2004 in the game-design/home category we decided to go for a professional startup project. The project was 100% self-made: 3D-engine, content, story, dialogues, music, sound, ... and finally reached a overall rating of 68% on metacritic, with quite diverse opinions. Find it on steam.

Bubble Ball – 2003

A free game, where I created the music for. Eight midi track accompany the action-puzzle game: morning-walk, take-it-easy, kyrandia-inspiration, go-bass-go, vibra-slab, the-clash, quintett, and end-boss-brass.

Computer Graphics


Black Hole Merger – 2012

A animation sequence produced for a discovery channel production about massive black holes by Thomas Lukas. The full video is online and the gravitational lens of the merger starts at 12:50. A mental ray lens shader was used to approximate the bending of light of the two orbiting black holes. The simulation of the accretion disk and the event horizon was done by the Center for Technology (CCT) at the Lousiana State University (LSU).

Gravitational Lens Maya Plug-In – 2005

A plug-in simulating the optical effect of a gravitational lens, e.g. around a black hole (Schwarzschild metric). It directly integrates into the 3D scene and uses a linear approximation via raytracing; see related thesis.

Special Relativistic Roller Coaster – 2005

A simple roller coaster scene rendered with Mental Ray via Maya demonstrating the effect of a much slower speed of light. As the speed increases the aberration of light leads to a wider viewing angle. Dependent from the camera speed and the speed of light a Mental Ray shader simulates this effect.

Saladin – 2004

A media enhanced juggling fairy tale produced for and performed at the Festival der Träume 2002 and the Pflasterspektakel 2004 by fabula. A background animated screen builds the scenery for the stage show. Read more.

[Infinite] – 2003

Infinite is a short movie production by Zach&Bauer. I was involved in shooting, the digital effects, and post production. "... ohne Übertreibung kann man sagen, dass der Film produktions- und animationsmäßig im österreichischen Independentfilm neue Standards und Maßstäbe gesetzt hat." (celluloid, 04/03). We won the Animago Award first prize in the category in Professional/Film-let/Post-Production 2004. Check out the latest movie by Zach&Bauer: Northmen - A Viking Saga (2014) and their latest books Morbus Dei.

Bignote – 2002

A short animated film-let with two characters and a bassoon. Read more.

Pegaria – 2000

Pegaria is a 5 min short, which never was completed. A custom ray-tracer was used to create a fractal scenery to be combined with polygon and particle characters. Read more.

Exkloration – 1999

ExKloration is a 17 min short movie mixed computer graphics and video footage. Video, Graphics, Sounds, and Music are self-made. The short was nominated but did not make it for a prize at the Animago Award in 2000.

CyberGallery – 1998

An architectural visualization created for a high school project. Back in 1998 it required a lot of patience and computing time, i.e. wireframe-bounding-box reduced previews when working on the 3D scene.