The Filmlet

The original video was rendered in TV resolution. An differently cut and a bit up-scaled version of the video is now here online in HD.

The Mission

After one year work on the Pegaria project without any great progress and final success the mission for Bignote was clear. Create an animation filmlet with standard tools and only a few people involved - to be finished in a short time. We decided to go for a animated 'sketch' with two characters and one bassoon.
Bignote title

The Team

Georg Ritter (Sound FX and Recording)
Marcel Ritter (Graphics & Bassoon)
Alexander Senfter (Graphics)
Joe and Beautiful Notes

The Graphics

After we had a story (based on a dream) Alex and I first decided on a style for the graphics and then created a small storyboard with pen and paper. Next we diveded the work: Alex designed and created the two characters, while I did the environment and the bassoon. The reference was my own old student instrument (the tiger bassoon).
We then did the rigging and animation setups together and assigned the scenes that had to be animated. We rendered the foreground and background in separate layers. This allowed us to do the field of depth in post production. Also glows and some adjustments were done in post.

The Music

To keep things simple the soundtrack of bignote was played by myself and was recorded by Georg. I chose the vivaldi concerto (F. VII. No. 40 - P.V.45, RV472) in C-Dur. Together we selected parts from the first and third movement for bignote. The strange 'notes' at the end of bignote were created purely using the basson and were not distorted digitally .
Bassoon Quickstart
Joe sent off
First Try
Big Note
Unlucky Player