• Computer science
    • signal processing and computational geometry (lecture, created geometry part, 2022/23)
    • applied mathematics (lecture 2021-2023, practical part 2020)
    • advanced computer graphics (practical part 2022, 2023)
    • physically based simulation (practical part 2020/21, 2022)
    • operating systems (tutorial 2006)
  • Civil engineering
    • strength of materials (practical 2020)
    • structural analysis - solving indeterminate systems (practical 2013-2015)

Review Activities

  • Virtual Reality Software and Technology - VRST (2023)
  • International Conferences in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision - WSCG (2023, 2017, 2016)
  • Applied Geometric Algebras in Computer Science and Engineering - AGACSE (2012)


  • Digital Games in the Context of Holocaust, Panel Discussion within the Lecture Series of Historical Game Studies. University of Innsbruck. (2023)
    Machine Learning in Games - Past, Present, and Future
    within the Lecture Series of Game Studies. University of Innsbruck. (2023)
  • Visual Analysis of Point Cloud Neighborhoods via Multi-Scale Geometric Measures at the Eurographics Conference 2021 in Vienna (virtually), 5.5.2021. (2021, diglib)
  • Sphere Tessellation in OpenGL and F# at the Uncodeference 2019 in Wattens, 10.5.2019. (2019)
  • Scientific Visualization at the DK+ Interdisciplinary Computational Modeling - Winter School 2015 in Obergurgl, 25.11.2015. (2015)
  • Visualization of Finite Element Data of a Multi-Phase Concrete Model, 5th BIOT Conference on Poromechanics, Wien, 10.07.2013. (2013)
  • Molecular Visualization Tools in Vish – MolVISH - Visualization of long- and short-lived hydrogen-bonded clusters in liquid ethylene-glycole, 1st Retreat of the doctoral school DK+CIM Computational Interdisciplinary Modelling, Innsbruck, 12.04.2013. (2013)
  • Visualization of HPC Data Using the Visualization Shell VISH and the Scientific File Format F5, 3rd Austrian High Performance Computing Workshop, St. Pölten, 26.09.2012. (2012)
  • Reconstructing Power Cables From LIDAR Data Using Eigenvector Streamlines of the Point Distribution Tensor Field, 20th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2012, Pilsen, 26.06.2012. (2012)
  • Visual Data Mining Using the Point Distribution Tensor, The First International Workshop on Computer Vision and Computer Graphics - VisGra 2012, Saint Gilles, Reunion Island, 01.03.2012. (2012)
  • Using HDF5 for Cross Disciplinary Data Archival and Highly Performing Processing of Multi-Variant Observational and Computational Data with Simple or Complex Topology, European Geosciences Union
    General Assembly (EGU) 2011, 5.4.2011. (2011)
  • A Framework for Computing Integral Geometries in VISH using Template Meta Programming, 6th High-End Visualization Workshop, Obergurgl, 12.12.2010. (2010)
  • Rendering Black Holes in Maya, 4th High-End Visualization Workshop, Obergurgl, 20.6.2007. (2007)