Succinct and Mighty F#

Don Syme with some information about history, motivation, and development of F# as a strongly typed functional first programming language. He references to a history document at the beginning of the talk. Unfortunately, he runs out of time when showing some interesting coding examples. But, the slides can be found online, here. It's all there.

Real-time Ray-tracing around the Corner

The power of the new Volta generation of NVidia cards, mainly designed for artificial intelligence applications, also enables ray-tracing for real-time applications and gaming. The following demo is running in 4k and ray-traced! 21 billion transistors do the job.

This can bring games to the next visual level. Let’s see how this will impact rendering engines such as Arnold and Redshift, as they already heavily rely on GPU computations.

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Quantum computing coming closer

A quantum processing unit may one day become available as co-processing unit or remote computing machine. Well, the lately un-boxed 17 qubit processor still needs to be cooled to 10 milli-Kelvin …

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Software has to catch up, a preview release of a developer kit for quantum computing is available since December last year for the .net family of languages: Q#. It is available as Visual Studio integration. For now it uses a simulated quantum computer with up to 30 qubits for the execution of the Q# code on the local machine: quantum.DevKit

Maybe a quantum approach would be just suitable for your algorithms, maybe not. But, one can now get practically into the quantum computing concepts.