VFX Breakdown Alita

Two special effect breakdowns of the movie Alita. The first one focuses on the main character, and shows the face and motion capturing. The second one shows some details on the environment work and on how the cyborg are created. The mix of real and CG characters is working nicely.

Artfabrik goes Marvel

Apparently, an US post-production studio called in to Innsbruck for help on a Marvel movie. At Artfabrik they got the fantastic opportunity to work on a part of  Marvel's new Venom movie.

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Stop Motion and Miniature Sets

Stop motion animation is still a fascinating technique. Real small scale miniature scenes are created and come to live with movable puppets and lighting. A photo is taken for every frame. Usually, capturing is done in half-frame-rate with 12 images per second. No need for photo-realistic rendering, low tech does the full job.
The upcoming movie Isle of Dogs is produced in stop motion.

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Miniature sets are used for the upcoming point-and-click adventure game Trüberbrook. Sets are reconstructed in 3D and CG characters added. It results in a mixed media project with a unique style.

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