VFX Breakdown Alita

Two special effect breakdowns of the movie Alita. The first one focuses on the main character, and shows the face and motion capturing. The second one shows some details on the environment work and on how the cyborg are created. The mix of real and CG characters is working nicely.

Artfabrik goes Marvel

Apparently, an US post-production studio called in to Innsbruck for help on a Marvel movie. At Artfabrik they got the fantastic opportunity to work on a part of  Marvel's new Venom movie.

Read more on their dedicated web page.

RenderDoc v1.0 released

The graphics-programming pipeline-analysis and debugging tool RenderDoc made it to version 1.0.

You can inspect the stages of your rendering, buffer contents, call stacks, etc. with visualizations. It is a valuable tool to get your rendering code right and improve it. Just start your Vulkan, D3D11, D3D12 or OpenGL application via RenderDoc, take a snapshot and start the investigation.

Check out the in-depth release notes on github.