Artfabrik goes Marvel

Apparently, an US post-production studio called in to Innsbruck for help on a Marvel movie. At Artfabrik they got the fantastic opportunity to work on a part of  Marvel's new Venom movie.

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Stop Motion and Miniature Sets

Stop motion animation is still a fascinating technique. Real small scale miniature scenes are created and come to live with movable puppets and lighting. A photo is taken for every frame. Usually, capturing is done in half-frame-rate with 12 images per second. No need for photo-realistic rendering, low tech does the full job.
The upcoming movie Isle of Dogs is produced in stop motion.

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Miniature sets are used for the upcoming point-and-click adventure game Trüberbrook. Sets are reconstructed in 3D and CG characters added. It results in a mixed media project with a unique style.

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