RenderDoc v1.0 released

The graphics-programming pipeline-analysis and debugging tool RenderDoc made it to version 1.0.

You can inspect the stages of your rendering, buffer contents, call stacks, etc. with visualizations. It is a valuable tool to get your rendering code right and improve it. Just start your Vulkan, D3D11, D3D12 or OpenGL application via RenderDoc, take a snapshot and start the investigation.

Check out the in-depth release notes on github.

Quantum computing coming closer

A quantum processing unit may one day become available as co-processing unit or remote computing machine. Well, the lately un-boxed 17 qubit processor still needs to be cooled to 10 milli-Kelvin …

more …


Software has to catch up, a preview release of a developer kit for quantum computing is available since December last year for the .net family of languages: Q#. It is available as Visual Studio integration. For now it uses a simulated quantum computer with up to 30 qubits for the execution of the Q# code on the local machine: quantum.DevKit

Maybe a quantum approach would be just suitable for your algorithms, maybe not. But, one can now get practically into the quantum computing concepts.